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Salomon XDR 88 Ti (2020)

Ski Size: 179

Product Description

The popular XDR 88 Ti returns unchanged except for graphics for 2020. Featuring Salomon’s amazing engineering and design, these skis aren’t built to compete with the Brahmas and Kendos of the world, but rather provide an easier and more fun version of those big stiff skis that a wider audience will enjoy. Make no mistake, they’re still high-quality boards with high-performance ceilings. They simply do not have to be driven as hard or fast in order to generate a decent amount of power and pop. With a poplar wood core and a Ti power plate, the skis are stiff and stable underfoot, and more playful and forgiving in the tips and tails. Add that personality to the 88 mm waist width and you’ve got a winning combination. As usual, our testers were caught off-guard by the poise and power of the 2020 Salomon XDR 88 Ti.