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Thermic Extendable Boot Dryer + (AUS/NZ)

Colour: Black/White

Product Description

Extendable shoe dryer for boots will quickly dry your boots and shoes. The air is expelled by the extendable tubes will ventilate the boots and dry them quickly. Simple and easy to use by simply plugging the dryer + into a wall socket (EU plug, AUS/NZ adapter).

The Extendable Boot Dryer is designed for boots and is equipped with extendable tubes. A compact space saver, it can be adjusted to the size of your shoes and allows for quick, optimal drying. Perfectly suited to drying ski or snowboard boots after a long day in the powder.

You will quickly dry your boots and shoes to prevent moisture from settling in. Thanks to the expelled heated air, this shoes dryer will prevent wear and tear, bad odours and the development of bacteria. In fact, the bevelled nozzle allows it to go as far as possible into the boot and allows for even drying.