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Strolz Racing Ski Boot White

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We make all of our ski boots completely by hand. The closer a boot is adapted to the exact anatomy of your foot, the better and easier your performance will be on the piste. 

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Number of Buckles4
Thermo-Moulable LinerNo
Walk/Hike ModeNo
ReplaceableHeel and Toe



The only ski boot workshop in the world

Strolz ski boots are made-to-measure and designed to suit every kind of style. An important part of the process is the boot's external shell, which is made of polyurethane. Depending on your ability, we select a ski boot shell which is either extra hard or hard. Adjusting the shell to suit the individual requires instinct and experience. This can only be achieved with custom-made design. To do this, we first make a wooden model of your foot based on the measurement data taken from your foot analysis. The inner boot and shell are then adjusted to fit the model. A great deal of craftsmanship, instinct and experience is required to make sure the boot is adjusted perfectly.





Ski boots designed to fit you

Each STROLZ SKI BOOT is shaped based on the exact anatomy of your foot, meaning that each of our models offers a unique fit and feel.

Our boot-makers work by hand, carefully incorporating the data collected during the foot analysis into the actual boot. The inner boot and shell are modelled exactly on the wooden model of your foot before the boot is filled with foam to give an individual fit that meets your needs.





Each foot is unique.

The key advantage of STROLZ SKI BOOTS is that they are designed fit your feet perfectly. Each customer is offered a personal foot analysis as part of a consultation with one of our trained orthopaedic fitters.





Real leather for a perfect fit

We only use selected cowhide to make our inner boots. This leather is unbeatable when it comes to elasticity and durability. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot, allowing the maximum level of fit and comfort.

Our Strolz employees use traditional shoe-making techniques when creating the leather inner and the manufacturing process is carried out completely by hand.





Each boot is a prototype

STROLZ SKI BOOTS are individually-fitted, custom-made models. Orthopaedic knowledge as well as a wealth of experience and craftsmanship go into creating a ski boot which is individually designed to fit your foot.

Each part of the boot is one-of-a-kind: be it the inner boot, shell or the insole, no two parts are the same. Each boot is a prototype of the highest quality and is both custom- and hand-made – a truly unique product.





An optimum fit without rubbing

The filling is the final stage of the precise adjustment process, but before filling the boot, we add padding to each area of your foot that needs extra space within the boot. This prevents the boot from rubbing.

It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to fill the boot and 12 hours for the filling to harden. The filling is the final stage of the precise adjustment process, Once completed, your unique model will offer you the highest level of comfort. And comfort means energy is transmitted perfectly onto your skis – increasing your skiing enjoyment.





Each boot is unique

Even the ski boot shell is carefully adjusted to the shape of your foot. Once your wooden 'foot model' is complete, the polyurethane shell can be adjusted. Depending on your level, we will select a ski boot shell to suit you. Manufacturing a bespoke shell requires experience and skill.


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