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Fabric Protection

Premium Snow Fabric Protection

Skiing atop a snow-covered mountain gives unparalleled joy. However, that same joy can turn into a nightmare when you have to deal with soaking ski clothes from the snow.
Don't let your wet clothes prevent you from playing in the snow. This is where Larry Adler can help.

Waterproofing Capabilities

Our brilliant range of fabric protection products will keep your clothes waterproof and ensure their durability. We have an excellent waterproof spray that doesn’t require any heat activation and will keep your shell layer dry. Continue skiing in the snow without worrying about soaking wet clothing or accessories.


We understand that snow sporting clothes and gear can be quite expensive to buy. However, the same clothes and gear can quickly lose their shape, texture, and more if you don’t clean them with the right products. It’s why we stock a range of washing products to protect your clothes from unnecessary wear and tear.

Our gentle natural cleaners are ideal for sleeping bags and down garments as well as merino clothing and premium-quality wool. Meanwhile, our textile wash is a special cleaning agent designed to protect the longevity of high-quality sports and functional wear.

We also have repair patches that you can use to repair small punctures or tears on your waterproof fabric and GORE-TEX. It will save you from shelling out your money on new gear.

For snow fabric protection products, explore and our excellent collection of high-quality products.