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Choosing a ski jacket is harder than it sounds.

It's tempting to shop by colour, ordering the latest fashion ski jacket with a furry hood, warm down insulation and bright colours so your friends can find you in a crowded ski lift queue.

But those aren't the features you should be considering first.

Are you a casual skier who spends most of your time on ski lifts? Get an insulated ski jacket, with accessory pockets for the tissues, hand warmers and ski lift map.

For active snowboarders, skiers and cross-country skiers - you use a lot of energy and are best suited to a soft shell jacket with a breathable waterproof layer and separate inner wicking layer to keep moisture away from your body.
For really active backcountry skiing, try a basic shell ski jacket, but bring along a separate mid layer for insulation in case the weather turns, as it often does.