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Elevate your Skiing or Snowboarding holiday with Larry Adler's Expert Ski Service

Imagine hitting the slopes with equipment that hasn't been fine-tuned – it's like driving a car on a flat tire. At Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor, we understand the critical role that properly tuned gear plays in your winter adventures. Just as ill-fitting ski boots can lead to chilly toes and a less-than-enjoyable holiday, improperly tuned equipment can hinder your performance on the mountain. That's why we're committed to providing you with the best service, backed by highly trained technicians and cutting-edge equipment.

Latest Crystal Glide Ski and Snowboarding Tuning equipment

Larry Adler's Service Centres feature the latest Montana machinery, renowned for their precision. Using these advanced tools, we expertly stone grind and polish the base of your skis and snowboard to achieve a diamond-like finish. This meticulous process enhances your edge control and overall performance on the slopes.

Precision with our "Edge and Wax" Service

Our "Edge and Wax" service is designed to optimise your experience on the snow.

If your ski or snowboard bases are in good condition and it's the edges that need attention, this service is perfect for you. Our Belt Grinder meticulously sharpens the edges, eliminating rust and imperfections, while the diamond stone adds a structured base for efficient gliding. Our expert team applies the right wax, tailored to your upcoming adventure.

Comprehensive Care with our "Full Tune" Service 

For those whose equipment has encountered rough terrain or demanding conditions, the "Full Tune" is your ideal solution.

Beyond the 'Edge and Wax,' this service includes meticulous hand P-texing of the base to mend the scratches. The result is a  meticulously tuned base, sharp edges to carve on a knife edge while the wax will allow effortless gliding down the mountain. There are no excuses but to fully enjoy your time on the snow. 

Ski & Snowboard Racing Tune

At Larry Adler, we understand the unique demands of racing in Australian ski conditions. Our specialised racing tune is meticulously crafted to fine-tune your skis and snowboards for peak performance.

With a keen focus on precision, our experts use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure edges are razor-sharp, bases glide effortlessly, and your equipment is optimised to conquer the challenges of the Australian racing scene.

Trust Larry Adler to prepare you for victory on the snow.

Ski and Snowboard Binding Services

Larry Adler's team comprises fully certified binding technicians with the expertise to meticulously adjust and mount your bindings. We dedicate additional time to ensure that your bindings are mounted accurately, aligning with your weight, height, and skill level.

For snowboarding enthusiasts, we go a step further by customising binding settings according to your preferred stance.

* Just a note for those buying ski and snow equipment online.
When you're placing an online order for skis or snowboards with bindings, it's crucial that the forward pressure and toe height adjustments are undertaken by a Certified Binding technician. Please note that Larry Adler cannot assume responsibility for any associated issues or injuries arising from the use of skis that have been mounted without the physical presence of your actual boots during the mounting process by our Certified Technician.