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Sunglasses for skiiing

At higher altitudes of the mountains, the air is thinner and doesn't filter UV rays quite as well. This can impact your vision and make skiing unnecessarily dangerous for you - unless you have bought ski sunglasses.

  • Natural colour visibility
  • Smudge and moisture-resistant coating with 1% UV protection
  • Lightweight, flexible, and highly durable TR9 frame
  • Autolock hinges to hold frames open
  • Protective goggle bag
  • Anti-Fogging features

Choosing snow sunglasses with the anti-fog feature is the best skiing accessory you can invest in. The anti-fog coating inside your goggles will help you get a clear view, while the vents placed smartly along the sides allow any warm air to escape easily.

ChromaPop lenses offer excellent clarity on the slopes, paired with beautifully contrasting colors so you can truly enjoy the view, even when it gets darker. These lenses are designed to absorb any shift in light intensity, so you receive consistent light from your ski sunglasses, even if the sun hides out in the clouds.