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Ski Pants

There are several things to consider when choosing ski pants:

  • Will you wear a thermal base layer underneath your snow pants?
  • Do you get unusually hot and sweaty when you exercise - a hot-blooded kind of person?
  • Do you want snow pants that are warm and padded, or slim fit stretch ski pants for maximum flexibility?
  • Do you like one-piece suits, or a bib and brace, to stop snow falling down the back of your ski pants?

Insulated pants are the most common ski pants, providing extra warmth along with waterproofing.
Soft shell and shell pants are lighter, but may require a base layer for extra warmth.

Make sure you include your base layer when working out the size to order for your ski trousers.
If you know just what you're after, buy online and have them delivered. Or if you want to get a feel for the different options - come in to one of our stores and check out the big range.