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Ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, with this construction a GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to the outer fabric only. The benefit: the separate lining inside improves wearing comfort and versatility. This construction can be combined with insulation, keeping the wearer dry and warm.


Extreme Protection in harsh conditions

Extreme fabric technology engineered to meet the need of professional users in harsh conditions. Whether you'r competing in the world's biggest ocean races or scaling the highest mountains Helly Tech Professional is the choice of professionals.

Minimum waterproof rating 20,00mm

Minimum breathability rating 20,00g/24hr/m2



Keeps you in the performance zone

Performance fabric designed for all outdoor activities - without compromising style and design. Perfect for all performance oriented outdoor activities like sailing, skiing, climbing and hiking. When staying dry, Helly Tech Performance is essential.

Minimum waterproof rating 10,000mm

Minimum breathability rating 10,000g/24hr/m2



For all wet weather activities

Guaranteed weather protection, keeping you dry, warm and comfortable in all conditions. Your everyday protective shell for all types of weather. Helly Tech Protection is just as suited for the urban lifestyle as it is  for the great outdoors.

Minimum waterproof rating 5,000mm

Minimum breathability rating 5,000g/24hr/m2



PROTECH is  a micro porous polyurethane membrane made by  POWER TEXTILES, that is  laminated (glued under high temperature) to the inside of the outer fabric. PROTECH membrane contains microscopic holes that are large enough to release water molecules (perspiration) in the form of steam (transpiration) from our body. However, they are too small to let in big water drops from rain or snow,  allowing the fabric to be waterproof?withstand a water pressure more than 10,000mm). During aerobic activities, PROTECH draws away the moisture from the body through its microscopic holes, distributing it onto the fabric surface, quickly driving the body sweat to outside. At the same time it prevents water, coming from the outside, to penetrate, the fabric "breathe" automatically, keeping the user comfortable, warm and dry. PROTECH fabric has a fantastic hand feeling, fleshy and soft, quite suitable for winter wind breakers and ski wears.



SOFTSHELL is registered trademark in China by Net Sportswear Ltd, who use this material  specially for the stretchable waterproof & windproof garment for SPOUNTIN products. SOFTSHELL is constituted by a durable and elastic outer shell fabric and soft inside,both of which being connected by a waterproof and breathable membrane. It traps body heat and wicks away moisture, blocking the rain and wind and still. A durable water-repellent (DWR) finish at the outside provides water repellency. SOFTSHELL is a new high-tech material perfectly suitable for the garment of various of  aerobic 
outdoor activities. The up-dated materials are SOFTSHELL LTE  and SOFTSHELL LOFT, that is relatively thinner or heavier than the normal SOFTSHELL.



PHYLEX=PHYSICAL FLEX?PHYLEX achieves the hardshell function with softshell characteristics. It is Tittallon’s conceptfor outdoor wears’ tendency.It is an ideal fabric meets all outdoor wears.

  • ·Extremely high waterproofness no matter how strenuous the activity
  • ·Exceptional breathability thanks to a highly efficient membrane structure
  • ·Minimal condensation
  • ·Highly durable,flexible,nonporous membrance
  • ·Soft and quiet hand feel,will ensure that your wear comfortable and flexible
  • ·Enhanced water repellency
  • ·4-way stretched


Powerfill is the new filling materials for winter wears to achieve the goal of warmth keeping with down properties, but with heat maintaining in even wet conditions. It is much lighter and softer in hand feel than normal insulation materials. The loft inside is fixed well by super micro fibers in piece structures, it solves the problem of moving or migrating , like down or traditional materials, into piles after washing, which makes the warmth keeping always stable for all of the insulated part. 



Völkl’s SENSORTEX delivers excellent breathability, premium waterproofness and sets the bar for technological standards a little higher.

-wind and waterproof
-very breathable

Available in:

- Waterproof: 20,000 mm H2O,
- Breathability: 20,000 g/m2/24 h

-Waterproof: 15,000 mm H2O,
-Breathability: 15,000 g/m2/24 h

-Waterproof: 10,000 mm H2O,
-Breathability: 10,000 g/m2/24 h

-Waterproof: 5,000 mm H2O, 
-Breathability: 5,000 g/m2/24 h



Perform better without sweat! The harder your work, the more you sweat. And the greater the performance of the Sympatex membrane, which works to expel sweat more effectively. The hydrophilic components of the Sympatex membrane absorb moisture from the body and expel it outwards. This means that moisture does not build up inside the clothing, overheating and excessive cooling are avoided. The result: optimum wearer comfort for maximum performance.



The new Comfort Pad insulation is fabricated of an innovative microfibre weave creating maximum heat insulation. CPi is up to ten times lighter and thinner than conventional insulating materials. CPi also helps retain twice the body heat compared with other polyester insulators of the same thickness of material.



PrimaLoft® Sport is the perfect combination of high performance insulation and value. This technology combines ultra-ne and multi-diameter bers for specic performance characteristics. The specially treated ultra-ne bers help to form a water resistant insulating structure, while the multi-diameter bers help to build loft.