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Back Country Cuisine Vegetarian Meals

Colour: Creamy Carbonara
Creamy Carbonara
Mushroom Bolognaise
Nasi Goreng
Pasta Vegetariano
Vegetarian Stirfry
Size: Regular

Product Description

Back Country Cuisine has a wide range of options to suit many diets, including vegetarian, vegan friendly and gluten free. Our freeze dried meals range includes beef, chicken, fish, lamb meals in a range of hotness – mild, medium and hot. Mild – not spicy or hot through to mildly spicy and/or hot. Medium – the sweet spot in the middle between mild and hot. Hot – hot for most people, but not those of you who outdoor adventure with chilli flakes or Tabasco sauce. Make meal times stress and almost dishes free by finishing the day right with the taste of a home cooked meal in a convenient pouch that weighs less than a third of its weight when you eat it.