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Montbell Kids Zeo-Line Light Weight Round Neck Shirt 105-120

Colour: Black
Size: 105

Product Description

Introducing the Montbell Kids Zeo-Line Lightweight Round Neck Shirt, the lightest thermals in our kid's range. These thermals showcase the latest evolution of our base layer spinning technique, utilizing high-quality micro-fibers to create coiled or "crimped" threads. In comparison to traditional fibers, the refined microfibers in Zeo-Line boast a larger surface area and smaller air pockets, enhancing air trapping and providing superior heat retention.

Featuring a three-layer knit structure, Zeo-Line creates an air layer between dual fabrics. The layer closest to your skin efficiently pulls moisture away, transferring it to the outer layer, allowing the air layer to maintain a consistently warm temperature. As a synthetic fabric, this garment is particularly suitable for individuals with wool sensitivity or those engaging in physically demanding activities.

To enhance comfort and facilitate easier layering, the shirt incorporates flat-lock seams. Experience lightweight warmth and comfort with Montbell Kids Zeo-Line Lightweight Round Neck Shirt.