Ski Workshop

Skiing or snowboarding without tuning your equipment is like driving a car with a flat tyre. We know that ski boots that just don’t fit cause cold toes or a painful holiday. That’s why we invest heavily into fully trained technicians and the latest in equipment to ensure your equipment is living up to your expectations.

Our hi-tech service centres are the most sophisticated in foot analysis, ski and snowboard turning in Australia.

Larry Adler Service centres are equipped with the latest Wintersteiger and Montana machinery. These machines, stone grind and polish the base of your skis and snowboard to a diamond finish. This is a process that enhances edge control and overall ski or board performance.

Before the start of each winter season, it is imperative that you have your bindings checked and your skis and snowboard tuned to perfection before you head down to the slopes. At the end of the season we recommend you have them repaired and finished with a storage wax to protect them of rust over the summer months.

Ski and Snowboard Tuning

ski tuning

Skiing on poorly tuned skis or a snowboard not only limits your enjoyment on the snow, but also can be dangerous. To ensure the best possible performance of your skis and board we have invested in the latest technologies and personnel.

Bring your equipment into any one of our stores and our team will assess what service is required. If the bases are in good condition and only the edges need sharpening then consider the "Edge and Wax" service. Your skis will be passed on the Belt Grinder to bevel the edges, take off the rust and burrs and then passed over the diamond stone to put a structure in the base for efficient gliding. Our team will apply the right wax for your trip. Note if you are racing don't forget to ask our technician about our special racing tune.

If your skis or snowboard have hit a few too many rocks then consider a full tune up. With the “Full Tune" not only do you get an 'Edge and Wax' service, but we include hand P-texing of the base to fill out those scratches. The end result is a perfectly tuned base, edge and wax that will leave you with no excuses but to enjoy.

Mounting of Skis and Bindings

montana equipment

Larry's team are fully qualified binding technicians certified to adjust and mount your bindings. We take the extra time in mounting your bindings correctly according to your weight, height, ability.

For snowboarders we also set your bindings based on stance preference.