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Level Merino Liner Gloves

Colour: Black
Size: XS

Product Description

This Merino wool underglove is the perfect companion to carry around when temperatures drop down and your gloves are not warm enough. The fabric is extremely soft and light, without compromising the added warmth. The short cuff makes it extremely comfortable to wear it underneath your gloves. It scores a Thermoplus 1000 on our index, resisting to temperatures down to -5°C below zero.

SKI STYLE: for our World Cup athletes who need a perfectly tight fitting glove allowing them to have great feel when holding the ski poles so they can perform their best on the racetrack. SNOWBOARD STYLE: this is a fashionable product; the better fitting the better the rider can grab their board or freestyle skis. Apart from its tight fit the palm has a special reinforcement to increase the grip.

Merino wool lining keeps hands warm and dry and its natural temperature regulating ability is ideal for high performance sports activities.