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Montbell Fall Line Pack 15

Colour: Flash Orange
Flash Orange

Product Description

Specially designed for light weight winter season endeavours the Fall Line Pack allows you to carry a wide variety of gear easily while skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. Thoughtfully designed straps keep your load stable and secure while not impeding quick access to key areas in the case of an emergency.

With a three-dimensionally designed should belt and rear pad you can be sure that the pack will fit you snugly through active movements. This pack opens from the back panel so that you can open the pack on the snow and the back panel will remain dry when you put it back on. Ballistic nylon is one and a half times more abrasion resistant than other similar weight fabrics and boasts three times the tear strength of nylons that are almost 20% heavier. Because of this, Ballistic nylons have allowed us to reduce the weight of many of our products by more than 50% without sacrificing the durability. We create Ballistic nylons by heating and stretching nylon fibres. Much like Tensiled steel, this process aligns the nylon molecules in each fibre, dramatically improving the strength and stamina of the fabric.