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Montbell Kids/Boys Zeo-Line Expedition Tights 135-150

Colour: Black
Size: 135

Product Description

The warmest thermals in our kid's range feature the latest evolution of our base layer spinning technique utilising high quality micro-fibres to produce coiled or "crimped" threads. Compared to traditional fibres, the refined microfibres present in Zeo-Line feature greater surface area and smaller air pockets to better trap air, yielding superior heat retention. Featuring a three-layer knit structure, Zeo-Line maintains an air-layer between dual fabrics. The layer closest to your skin pulls moisture away and moves it to the outer layer allowing the layer of air to maintain more consistently warm temperature. As a synthetic fabric this garment is highly suited to individuals with a sensitivity to wool or for physically demanding activities. This model has a non-zippered fly opening and flat-lock seams for additional comfort and easier layering