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Montbell Power Bank Lantern Warm

Colour: Black Olive
Black Olive

Product Description

High-brightness 500-lumen lantern with warm light LEDs that are soft and gentle on the eyes. It is USB rechargeable. Featuring an economical, compact design and a simple movable shade, this lantern comes with a hook on the bottom for hanging it up, such as on the inside of your tent. It is fitted with a 6400 mAh lithium battery, making it possible to use it as a spare mobile battery.


Water resistance: IPX4 (water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have to harmful effect) / Brightness / Low: 25 lumens, Mid: 270 lumens, High: 500 Lumens / Burn time / Low: 120 hours, Mid: 12 hours, High: 6 hours / Charging time: about 5 - 6 hours / Battery: 6,400mAh Lithium Ion Battery