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Montbell Womens Cool Light T

Colour: Greystone/Scarlet
Ash/Ice White
Midnight Blue
Size: S

Product Description

The Cool Light series takes inspiration from Montbell's Wickron Cool fabric, and making an even thinner garment by knitting the material extremely thinly. This allows the heat to escape easily and produces a garment that feels cool. This is the lightest knit T-shirt fabric in Montbell's lineup and is well suited for intense workouts and high output days on the trail. Due to the fabric's ability to breath and quick drying properties, the material will keep you feeling dry and comfortable. An anti-bacterial property helps control odor causing bacterial. The Cool Light series is especially well suited for outdoor activities during the hottest summer months or high output activities in milder weather.


Wickron COOL (100% Polyester)


UV protectionFlat seam construction for better layering & comfort