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Montbell Womens Light Guide Pants

Colour: Gunmetal
Size: S

Product Description

Boasting incredible manoeuvrability, these Montbell womens light guide pants feature 4-way stretch in the hips and knees while the slim fit makes it easy to lift your legs.

They are light and comfortable, hence perfectly suited for activities from spring to autumn. Fitted around the hips and thighs for a comfortable and tapered feel. The thin silhouette around the ankles prevents accidental snagging while enhancing footwork.

Montbell’s specially formulated DWR is called Polkatex, The one weakness of common water repellents is their susceptibility to friction and laundering. If you notice that rain is no longer beading off your jacket and instead soaking into the outer fabric, it means the water repellent coating has worn off. Unlike common water repellent treatments, we developed Polkatex to resist wear from friction and laundering, helping keep your technical garments performing their best.