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Montbell Womens Zeo-Line Light Weight Round Neck Shirt

Colour: Black
Size: S

Product Description

The Montbell Women's Zeo-Line Light Weight Round Neck Shirt represents the pinnacle of our base layer innovations. Our advanced spinning technique incorporates high-quality micro-fibres to create coiled or "crimped" threads, setting a new standard in thermal performance. In contrast to traditional fibers, the refined microfibers in Zeo-Line boast increased surface area and smaller air pockets, enhancing the trapping of air for superior heat retention.

With a three-layer knit structure, Zeo-Line establishes an air-layer between dual fabrics. The layer closest to your skin efficiently wicks moisture away, transferring it to the outer layer. This dynamic ensures that the layer of air sustains a consistently warm temperature. As a synthetic fabric, this garment is an ideal choice for individuals with wool sensitivity or engaging in physically demanding activities. The inclusion of flat lock seams enhances comfort and facilitates easier layering, making this shirt a perfect companion for various pursuits.