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Thermic PowerSocks Batteries

Size: S-Pack 1200

Product Description

Compatible with all Thermic Powersocks these replacement batteries are great if you lose or damage your own. Each pack includes two rechargeable batteries. Easily adaptable to compatible heated socks to provide constant heating during winter outdoor activities. All replacement S-Pack batteries include a USB charging cable.

The S-Pack 1200 battery has a maximum autonomy of 12 hours. It has three different intensity levels, allowing the user to adjust the level of heat to suit their needs.

The S-Pack 1400B is the most powerful battery in the range and has a maximum autonomy of 14 hours. Bluetooth technology allows you to remotely manage your heat level via your smartphone. 

Heat level S-Pack 1200 S-Pack 1400B
1 9-12 hours 10-14 hours
2 5-6 hours 5h30m-6h30m
3 3h-3h45m 3h30m-4h30m