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2023 Guide to choosing the right hiking boots

  • 4 min read

You probably don’t need to be told that hiking is an excellent way to get exercise, enjoy nature, and explore new destinations. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect hiking boots that will keep you safe – and your feet comfortable – on your adventures.

In this blog, we’re looking at the hottest hiking shoes and hiking boots for 2023, with some great tips to help you choose the perfect fit.

We’ve got over 80 models to choose from, and they all have their merits - but if you’re short on time to check them all out, fear not - we’ve made our top picks for the 2023 season…

The Hottest Hiking Shoes and Hiking Boots for 2023

Arc’teryx Aerios AR Mid-Cut Hiking Shoes

These Arc’teryx hiking shoes offer excellent traction and support. Available as mens hiking boots and womens hiking boots.

The Vibram Megagrip outsole provides superior grip on any terrain, while the Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.

Salomon X Ultra 4 

A low-rise style, designed for both men and women and providing exceptional support and comfort. The Contragrip outsole offers excellent traction, and the Gore-Tex membrane protects your feet in wet conditions.

If you love what these hiking shoes have to offer but you’re looking for a mid-rise style - you’re in luck - the Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid mens and womens hiking boots share all the same qualities in a mid-rise cut.

Salomon Quest

These hiking boots are available for both men and women and are designed for long-distance hiking. As is the case with all Salomon hiking boots, they also feature a Contragrip outsole providing excellent traction, and a Gore-Tex membrane to ensure your feet stay dry.

Tecnica Plasma Mid S Gore-Tex

The ultimate in womens and mens hiking boots are exclusive to Larry Adler. They’re, quite literally, made for you. Through an in-store process, we mould these shoes to fit your feet, giving you the perfect fitting hiking boot.

The Vibram outsole provides excellent traction on any terrain, while the Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet dry in wet conditions. 

A guide to choosing your hiking boots

Can hiking boots be used as snow boots?

While hiking boots are designed for hiking, they can also be used as snow boots in some cases. However, it is essential to check the insulation and waterproofing capabilities of the hiking boots before using them as snow boots. Hiking boots that are not adequately insulated or waterproofed may leave your feet cold and wet in snowy conditions. Our recommendation would be to use a hiking-specific shoe for hiking and a specialty snow boot when you’re venturing out on the snow.

Can snow boots be used for hiking?

While snow boots are designed for walking in snow and icy conditions, they may not be suitable for hiking. Snow boots are generally heavier and bulkier than hiking boots, which can make them uncomfortable for extended hikes. Additionally, snow boots may not provide the support and traction necessary for hiking on uneven terrain. We really can’t recommend hiking in snow boots.

Hiking boot size chart

Choosing the right size hiking boots is crucial for comfort and safety during your hikes. It’s recommended that you measure your feet before purchasing hiking boots and refer to the size guide listed on the product page. Hiking boots should fit snugly around your heel and ankle but have enough room in the toe box for your toes to move freely.

How to choose the right hiking boots

Choosing the right hiking boots can make all the difference between an adventurous hike and a painful one. You don’t want to be worrying about developing blisters, twisting an ankle, or losing grip when it’s needed most.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right hiking boots for your needs:

  • Consider the terrain - The type of terrain you will be hiking on should influence your choice of hiking boots. If you will be hiking on rocky or uneven terrain, look for hiking boots with sturdy soles and ankle support.
  • Choose the right fit - Proper fit is essential for comfort and safety during your hikes. Be sure to measure your feet and refer to the manufacturer's size chart.
  • Look for waterproofing - If you plan to hike in wet conditions, look for hiking boots with waterproofing capabilities, such as a Gore-Tex membrane.
  • Consider the weight - Lighter hiking boots may be more comfortable for shorter hikes, while heavier hiking boots might be needed for longer hikes on challenging terrain.
  • Try them on - if you’re at all unsure about what size hiking boot you need, It’s essential to try them on before purchase to ensure that they fit well and feel comfortable.

At Larry Adler, we specialise in ensuring the comfort of your feet. Properly fitted hiking shoes will allow you to maximise your performance and avoid sore feet. We offer free in-store boot fitting consultations to help you get the perfect fit just for you. Contact your nearest store to book, or visit our boot fitting page and submit a contact form.

The bottom line is that choosing the right hiking boots is essential. With so many options available, take the time to research and try on several pairs to find the best fit for your needs. Whether you're planning a day hike or a multi-day backpacking trip, the right pair of hiking boots will make all the difference in your comfort, safety, and enjoyment of the great outdoors.