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Layering as temperatures start to drop

  • 3 min read

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, it's time to think about how to layer your clothing for optimal warmth and comfort.

Layering is not only a fashion statement, but also a smart way to regulate your body temperature and protect yourself from the elements - it can make a big difference to your performance and enjoyment.

But how do you layer effectively? What are the best materials and products for each layer? And what are some tips and tricks for layering like a pro? We'll answer these questions and more, and look at some of the new fleece and mid layer ranges from Larry Adler that are ideal for autumn.

Firstly… the basics of layering

Layering is based on a simple principle: wearing multiple layers of clothing that can be added or removed as needed. Each layer has a specific function and works together with the other layers to keep you comfortable. Generally speaking, there are three main layers:

Base layer

This is the layer that sits directly against your skin. It's designed to wick away moisture (like sweat) from your body, keeping your skin dry and preventing conditions like hypothermia. The base layer should be snug-fitting but not too tight, and made of synthetic or natural materials that have good moisture-wicking properties.

Mid layer

This is the layer that provides insulation. It traps body heat in air pockets within the fabric, creating a warm barrier between you and the cold environment. The mid layer should be loose-fitting but not too bulky, and made of materials that have a good warmth-to-weight ratio, such as fleece, down or synthetic insulation. Depending on how cold it is, you may need more than one mid layer.

Outer layer

This is the layer that protects you from wind, rain and snow. It's designed to be breathable (allowing moisture vapor to escape) but also water-resistant or waterproof (preventing external moisture from entering).

So… about that mid layer

The mid layer is the most versatile and essential layer for autumn. It can make a big difference in how warm and comfortable you feel in different temperatures. But not all mid layers are created equal - some are better suited for different activities than others… and we’ve hand-picked just some of our favourites…

Our Autumn 2023 mid layer picks

Arc’teryx Atom

One of our top picks for both men and women is the Arc’teryx Atom jacket and hoody. With lightweight insulation and breathable fabric, this mid layer provides warmth without adding bulk.

The hoody version is perfect for colder temperatures and the jacket version for more mild days.

Helly Hansen Precious Fleece

For women, the Helly Hansen Precious Fleece jacket is a great choice.

This cozy mid layer is made with soft, brushed fleece and has a feminine fit. It's perfect for hiking or casual wear.

Helly Hansen Daybreaker

Another popular option from Helly Hansen is their Daybreaker range, which includes a variety of mid layers for men and women.

The Daybreaker jacket is made with Polartec fleece and has a full zip for easy on and off. The Daybreaker 1/2 zip is a great choice for layering under a ski jacket or wearing on its own during a chilly morning run.

Bogner Glacier jacket

For men, the Bogner Glacier jacket is a standout piece. Available in two bold colorways (red/black and white/black), this mid layer is both stylish and functional.

The lightweight insulation provides warmth without adding bulk, making it perfect if you’re thinking ahead to the snow season.

Explore more

We’ve got over 50 different mens, womens and kids mid layer products to choose from, with leading brands such as Arc’teryx, Montbell, Helly Hansen, Icebreaker, Dale of Norway, Kjus and Roxy, you’ll soon find just what you’re after.