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Top 5 Womens Skis for the 2022/23 Ski season

  • 2 min read


We’ve just received our stock of the new womens 2023 skis and wanted to run through some of the new releases in this blog.

Whether you’re headed overseas for the Winter skiing season, or looking to buy for the Australian Winter season next year, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve chosen skis for intermediate through to advanced skiers.

Blizzard Black Pearl 82

The Blizzard Black Pearl 82 is a versatile ski that lets you do it all. Want to ride bumps, dodge trees, and carve the groomers? WIth this ski you can, thanks in part to the 82mm waist.

Atomic Womens Maven 86

The Atomic Womens Maven 86 is a little powerhouse that looks good and skis well, whether you’re in hardpack or fresh snow, on bumps or groomers. Ideal for intermediate skiers looking to progress, or advanced skiers looking for a ski that is quick to edge and turn.

Head Womens Absolut Joy + Joy 9 GW SLR Pro Binding

The Head Womens Absolut Joy is a lightweight ski thanks to the binding. It’s a great ski that allows you to ski almost effortlessly and practice your moves on the slopes. This ski is a joy to ride, hence the name.

K2 Womens Disruption 75 Alliance

The K2 Womens Disruption 75 Alliance is a great intermediate ski for someone looking to push their limits. The nimble and forgiving design will take you anywhere and everywhere, although is well suited for groomers.

Salomon Womens S/MAX N8 + M10 GW L80

The Salomon Womens S/MAX allows you to carve through the snow with confidence. Ideal for all mountain terrain, this intermediate-advanced ski will see you perfecting your turns from day one.