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Strolz Custom Fitted Ski boots - All you need to know.

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Whether you are a seasoned mountain expert or a novice carving through the snow for the first time, ski boot discomfort is one of the most common complaints you will hear.

With billions of different foot sizes and shapes in the world, it is difficult to find the perfect fit that provides all-day comfort, warmth, and performance. This is where custom boot fitting can make a world of difference. By using state-of-the-art technology, our Strolz custom-fit boots match the anatomy of your feet for an unparalleled skiing experience - regardless of your foot shape or size.

Let’s explore why you should choose Strolz custom boots and the boot fitting process.

Why Strolz custom boots?

The Strolz family has been making ski boots since 1921 in Lech, Austria. They remain the oldest family-owned ski boot manufacturer in the world. For over 100 years, Strolz has helped redefine the skiing experience for skiers on all levels, from beginners taking their first turns to athletes seeking unmatched performance.

The Larry Adler team of boot fitters have specialised in Strolz foam-fitted boots for over 30 years and are your go-to expert. We are so confident that our boot fitting comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with any follow-up adjustments at no cost to you.

The Bootfitting Process

Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation, you will be paired up with a qualified boot fitting expert. We will take the time to understand your needs and skiing experience. We will begin with questions about your needs on the slopes and physical measurements (age, weight and height). We will also address any accidents you might have had and any orthopaedic particularities. This will allow us to determine the best ski boots for you as per your size, physiology and ability level.

Foot Analysis

Next, a detailed analysis of your feet, ankles and calves is conducted. For 30 minutes, an advanced scanner analyses your feet, measuring your shoe size in Mondo Points. Footprints are made and evaluated for size, shape and pressure points. This foot analysis also determines whether you will need an insole.

The ten minutes gait analysis measures the pressure on the soles of your feet. From this, the exact shape of your insoles is determined.

Once the foot and gait analysis are completed, we will make an appointment for the second part of your ski boot fitting.

Customising the external shell

The data collected by the scanner in the foot analysis is used to build a unique wooden model of your feet. Using this model, the ski boot shell is precisely adapted to your foot - whether you have wide feet, bunions, bones or other issues that require more room for a comfortable fit.

While other boot companies go up in sizes of one or two in length for their wooden model, we go up every half-size with our Strolz boots to provide you with the best leverage and fit when you ski. The “wooden foot” is inserted in the ski boot’s outer shell, heated up for one hour to stretch the boot to accommodate your foot, and then deep-frozen for 30 minutes to maintain the desired shape. The outer shoe shell is now perfectly moulded to your foot shape.

Customising the inner shoe

The following steps involve preparing the interior of the shoe for comfort. We use only selected genuine cowhide for the inner shoe that is 100% hand sewn to provide maximum durability and elasticity. We begin by preparing a footbed that supports and orients your foot in the ski boot. The footbed is trimmed to size and inserted into the leather liner. Using the techniques of the traditional craft of shoemaking, we fit the inner shoe precisely to the measurements of your shoe size and foot shape.

Finalising by foam

You are once again involved in the final process. We will pad your feet and ankles with foam rubber in the areas that need some scope for movement to prevent pressure sores. Then the last part is the foaming process. You insert your padded feet into the boots and step onto a foaming stand. Foam is injected into the boot, and any excess flows out the tubes. After a recommended drying period of 12 hours, your perfectly fitted ski boots are ready for some ski action.

Custom-fitted boots will make a world of difference to the level of comfort, fit and performance you will receive when skiing. Regardless of your foot shape or size, we cater to all using the top-of-the-line Strolz boots. The Larry Adler boot fitting team has been doing this for over 30 years.

What’s holding you back? Book your custom boot fitting appointment with one of our technicians and get ready to love your ski boots and enjoy a great holiday.