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The Latest Spring Outdoor Gear from Montbell

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It’s officially Spring time here in Australia and we are so excited to start spending more time outdoors. The warmer weather is a very welcome change although we know we are in for a wet Spring and Summer thanks to La Niña*, but don’t stress we have you covered. Montbell have released the latest outdoor gear and Larry Adler is very happy to be stocking this top quality spring camping gear from Japan.

*La Niña is a term used to describe part of a natural weather cycle called ENSO. With La Niña we can expect to see increased rainfall, cooler daytime temperatures, and a shift in temperature extremes. We are in for a wet Spring and Summer.

The Montbell Moonlight Tent.

The Moonlight Tent is so easy to set up that one could even pitch it in moonlight (hence the name). The tent boasts an expansive living space whilst remaining lightweight, making it a great addition for your next campaign adventure. With superior waterproofing and breathability this tent will keep you protected and comfortable in wet weather.

The Montbell Kids Hollow Sleeping Bag #3.

This smaller sleeping bag is designed specifically for children. We always recommend that children use kid sized sleeping bags, as their bodies can’t generate heat as well in an adult size sleeping bag. If it gets too hot the foot area can be opened and if opened completely it can be used as a blanket.

The Montbell Comfort System Air Pad 180.

This sleeping pad is ideal for lightweight hiking in spring and summer conditions. It provides a great comfortable surface to sleep on when inflated and also provides excellent insulation. The inflatable design delivers maximum comfort keeping you 7cm away from the ground.

The Montbell Compact Lantern.


Are you seeking a lantern to use when camping? The compact lantern is lightweight yet high-powered and delivers a bright, warm, and uniform LED light. It can be hung up in your tent with the attached hook or used around camp.

The Montbell Alpine cooker Pan Set.


This pan set will see you equipped for outdoor cooking whether you are exploring solo or with a group. The set includes two cookers and one fry pan with heat resistant handles. The cookers also feature measurement lines inside and steam vents.

The Montbell Alpine Camlock Anti Shock Pole.

If you are looking for a walking pole to provide you with some added stability and balance whilst trekking up and down hills, or in uneven terrains, these anti-shock poles will help. They also reduce the strain on your knees when undertaking these activities. The pole is adjustable and features a robust locking system. We suggest that for maximum benefit you purchase a pole for each hand.

The Montbell Teton Boot for Men and Women.

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Looking for a pair of hiking boots for your next adventure? These Teton Boots can be worn on day hikes or multi-day treks. The lightweight and soft design also features a sole with amazing grip power making it the perfect hiking shoe for any terrain.

The Montbell UL Trekking Umbrella.

This umbrella is very light and compact thanks to a shorter rib length and lightweight fabric. It’s great to stow away in your back or bag when there is a chance of rain. When open the umbrella has a diameter of 88cm.

The Montbell Wickron Light Shirts for Men and Women.

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Are you looking for a shirt that can be worn for multiple occasions? This shirt is perfect for a day hike and can then be worn to lunch, dinner or drinks later on in the day. The wickron material means this shirt is wrinkle resistant and easy to care for.

The Montbell Stretch OD Pants.

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Are you after a versatile pant that can be used for hiking or travel? These stretch pants by Montbell are designed to keep you comfortable on the move wherever you go. The pants feel very light when they are on thanks to the quality nylon material and unique cut.

The Montbell Alpine Pack 50 Litres.

Want to ensure your valuables and supplies don’t get wet? This pack by Montbell is a waterproof trekking pack. With a waterproof inner bag and a roll up closure, water penetration is prevented. The slim silhouette of this pack means it won’t hinder your movement whilst trekking.

The Montbell Cling Pack 2.5Litres.

This day pack is designed to be used with your trail water pack so that you can stay hydrated all day long. Designed to be used for a range of outdoor activities with the shoulder harnesses and breathability of the day pack. It can be used with the 1.5L and 2.1L Trail Water Packs.

In this blog we have run through the latest outdoor gear, including spring camping gear, that will see you fully equipped for all your outdoor adventure needs.