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Let’s find the sleeping bag that's right for you!

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At Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor, our focus is getting you the best outdoor gear for your next adventure. When it comes to purchasing a sleeping bag, nothing is more crucial. With a plethora of options available, how can you ensure you select the ideal one for your needs? Fortunately, we've crafted a comprehensive guide to assist you in pinpointing the perfect Montbell sleeping bag that suits you best.

STEP 1. Select your temperature

We have both "Comfort" and "Limit" temperatures listed. This is an ISO Standard.

  • Comfort: Most people can sleep comfortably wearing a base layer at this temperature.
  • Limit: Even those who run hot might find it challenging to stay comfortable at this temperature.

Hot tip # Choose a bag rated one or two numbers lower than the coldest conditions you expect to use it in to provide a buffer in case you get caught in bad conditions.

STEP 2. Choose your desired weight & compressibility

  1. Seamless Down Hugger WR 900 sleeping bags combine super lofty down with a weatherproof GORE-TEX INFINIUM.
  2. Seamless Down Hugger 800 bags are the perfect lightweight choice for any adventure.
  3. Down Hugger 650 are competitively lightweight and compressible with a focus on comfort.
  4. Seamless Burrow Bags are made with our proprietary synthetic Exceloft Insulation.

STEP 3. Select your desired features & configuration

Super Spiral Stretch System - allows the fabric to stretch with your movements during sleep, providing unmatched comfort.

Weather-resistant material - GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER® technology and seam-taped for missions in wet, moist, and unpredictable conditions.

Pick your sleeping bag length - Our unisex sleeping bags come in regular and long.

There is also a womens size in the Hugger 800 line.

Zipper Option - Left or right zippers available to connect two bags.


Sleeping Guide

Now you have all the information to get the right sleeping bag. Check out our full range and then get outdoors.